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I'm an artist and future med-student! Some things that I enjoy are drawing, painting, writing, and traveling. I'm pretty friendly so feel free to say hi!

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I took the time to get into a bit of the holiday spirit with some homestuck smooches

Tor adoressss these two so here’s some Gamkar I drew

I’ve never drawn kisses so sorry for weird anatomy (and background what is background) Karkat’s wearing an ugly sweater and Gamzee’s wearing a simple hoodie 

enjoy and happy holidays! uwu <3

posted: 23rd 12月 2012 1:26:49 am  | 107 リアクション   |
tagged: #Gamkar  #karkat vantas  #gamzee makara  #hope you like bb  #happy holidays  #homestuck  #Kiana's doodles  

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